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David has lived in this district for nearly his entire life.  He was raised to give back to his community and the value of hard work from his parents.  Growing up his family was dedicated to serving their community through volunteering by helping in soup kitchens, providing activities in nursing homes, doing yard work for shut-in’s, and volunteer services at addiction centers and safe facilities for battered women.  His father taught him the value of hard work working over 30 years as a union member making car tires at Firestone.  David has a background that is results-driven. Not one based on a family “political pedigree.

David was a volunteer and severed several years on Board of Project OpenHand Columbus (POHC).  POHC provides meals, nutritional counselling, and a food pantry for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.  In the early 2000s the recession began to take its effect on grants and corporate funding.  Under David’s leadership as Board Chair he led the successful merger of POHC with LifeCare Alliance.  This merger saved thousands of dollars, but most importantly enhanced the services available for clients from POHC that were now part of LifeCare Alliance.  David also served for several years on the Board of LifeCare Alliance after the merger.  For more than 5 years David helped coordinate at both his place of work and with his neighbors, the Adopt-A-Family Holiday program with the Family AIDS Clinic and Education Services (FACES) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The majority of David’s career at Ohio State University was as Human Resources Manager in the Department of Recreational Sports.  While there he oversaw the growth in personnel from a hand-full of staff in the old Larkins Hall to the expansive RPAC more than quadrupling the number of staff.  He was appointed by both President Jennings and Gee to the University Staff Advisory Committee.  As the Human Resources Director at the Industrial Commission of Ohio, his leadership saw a 95% reduction in grievances.

As a small business owner of a travel agency, David knows the challenges and struggles of starting and running a small business. David knows what it takes to run the day-in, day-out business and keep the ship steady. David understands overlooking tedious details can overburden or ruin new businesses.


Opioid Addiction and a Path to Treatment

David Todd is gravely concerned that drug overdose deaths are soaring to unprecedented numbers. Addicts commit serious crimes against their families and communities to pay for their habits. In Ohio, 15 addicts overdose and die every day. This crisis of epic proportions will be a priority for me as your State Representative in the following ways:

    • I will introduce legislation to expedite the approval process and expansion of addiction treatment programs and beds
    • I will also introduce legislation to enhance the Ohio Physician Loan Repayment (forgiveness) Program to include Mental Health and Addition professions
    • I will support the creation of a stakeholder’s task force to develop a comprehensive, state-wide drug prevention curriculum for schools, businesses, parents, and places of worship that can be adapted to their specific needs
    • I will also support a state-wide stakeholders task force to help every county adapt a program like the Franklin County Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education (HOPE) Taskforce.

Acting with Civility and Respect

David Todd believes the caustic political environment on both sides of the aisle and even within the political parties must change.  I pledge to follow the example set by our Congressional Representatives, Joyce Beatty (D-OH-03) and Steve Stivers (R-OH-15) who formed the Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus.  This informal caucus encourages all Members of Congress to act with civility and respect in their political discourse and promote the use of a respectful dialogue on tough issues.

Creating a Better Economic Climate and Making it Easier to do Business

David Todd knows the challenges and struggles of starting and running a small business. He will fight against overbearing government rules and regulations that stifle so many upstart companies.  As a small business owner, David has common sense and practical experience.  David knows what it takes to run the day-in, day-out business and keep the ship steady. Overlooking tedious details can overburden or ruin new businesses,

Tuition & Student Loans

David Todd believes tuition and student loan debt is out of control.  Public colleges and universities have failed to maintain affordable tuition, and course curricula that can be accomplished in four years.  Our students, and our future, deserve better.

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